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The opponent is thrown out of the arena like a baby throws its toys out of its pram!!

Which sports comes in your mind when you hear the above sentence...Kabaddi, the majestic sport of India or Sumo wrestling the oldest traditional sport of Japan???Well, both of your choices are right!!!VJTI's Technovanza brings forward an event which is a fusion of two of Asia's oldest, strength needing, physical contact sports with Robotics to create our own RoboSumo!!!Two bots in a kabaddi styled arena tackling, defending and raiding each other in a ferocious environment. Like Kabaddi one team's bot defends its line against the raider team’s bot and tried to push the bot out of the arena.So does your bot have the power and toughness for what it takes to be crowned the brand new champions of RoboSumo!!

Problem Statement

Below Gameplay contains all the rules and regulations to be followed to participate in this event.
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Aditya Bhan : 8104330059