Aqua Battlefront

Prize: ₹ 15,000

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Scientists have recently acknowledged a new planet named Miller’s planet in the Andromeda galaxy. Surprisingly, the planet’s surface mostly consists of freezing water with ions of elements in their rare oxidation state, floating on the surface of the water. To study the behaviour of these ions, scientists have launched a spaceship to this planet housing their special AQUA ROBOT which will be performing a crucial task. Its mission is to carry these ions from the freezing waters to the different compartments of the spaceship within 2 minutes before the hide tide strikes. Apart from these ions, there is one compound named as ASPARTIC present in the water which is highly reactive with the ions. ASPARTIC has an intense magnetic field and will repel the ions when in close contact. Fortunately, there’s one AQUARION compound that can neutralize this compound.

Design an AQUA ROBOT to collect all the ions to complete the mission successfully.

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