Ultimate Coder

14th Mar 2021

Ultimate Coder

A coding challenge that takes you on a journey through time featuring Dark. You have just woken up and you see an envelope on your bedside nightstand. It’s from your future self warning you about the apocalypse. Every decision you make can affect the timeline. Will you find a way to fix the messed up timelines? Do you have what it takes?

Event Proposal


Saurabh Sawant : +91-9930459987

Aaron Pereira : +91-7506049314

Registration Process


FAQ step-1

You can find the login button on the Sidebar or on the event description page.


FAQ step-2

After login successful you will be redirected to the registration form, It is import to fill it up before registering for any event.


FAQ step-3

Finally, you can find your Techno ID on the Sidebar and it will be always available to you for further registration of any events. You will have to click on the "Click to copy" Box to copy your Techno ID.

FAQ step-3.1

Above is an example of what a Techno ID looks like, it's a long chain of Alphanumeric text.