13th Mar 2021


A treasure Hunt based on technology and Harry Potter. The Wizarding World is rife with the rumors of the Dark Lord’s return. As the newest members of the Order of the Phoenix, you have been tasked to find the veracity of these rumors. Will you prove yourself a worthy member or will you find yourself becoming the next Pettigrew? Only one way to find out!

Event Proposal


Shubham Shirpurkar : +91-9049231023

Saurabh Jadhav : +91-8433792188

Registration Process


FAQ step-1

You can find the login button on the Sidebar or on the event description page.


FAQ step-2

After login successful you will be redirected to the registration form, It is import to fill it up before registering for any event.


FAQ step-3

Finally, you can find your Techno ID on the Sidebar and it will be always available to you for further registration of any events. You will have to click on the "Click to copy" Box to copy your Techno ID.

FAQ step-3.1

Above is an example of what a Techno ID looks like, it's a long chain of Alphanumeric text.