Always cherished striking gold, trading at Dalal Street/Nasdaq? Think you can grab opportunities and make most of out of the dynamic stock market? Are you that smart investor who can buy right and sell right?
Do you believe that the Stock Market is where you belong? BRACE YOURSELF.
Here comes the simulation of it i.e. VIRTUAL STOCK MARKET game presented by Technovanza in association with Endeavor . It is an exciting opportunity to show your investment skills and win prizes by playing this game.


  • First Place: Abhilash Javalkoti

  • Second Place: Siddhesh Bagade

  • Third Place: Akshay Ramteke

1.VSM is a multiplayer game which is conducted online.
2.Participants interested need to login to TECHNOVANZA website and can play this game when it will be put live.
3.Every participant is given some amount of money(dummy) before he/she starts playing the game i.e. the balance of each participant is credited with a particular amount initially.
4.Here, you can buy and sell dummy shares of various companies.
5.The company listings would be according to BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange).
6.Participants can view the number of shares and price of each share for every company. (Note: The information would not be real and it is only for the sake of playing game)
7.Participants can now choose for which company they would like to invest. This can be done by buying the shares of that company.
8.Every time a participant buys shares of a particular company, corresponding amount would be deducted from his/her balance.
9.Participants could also sell their shares, which they own, at current price of the shares.
10.The rate of shares of a particular company is decided according to the growth/decline of the company in Stock Market, news pertaining to that company etc.
11.The rates will be fluctuating in between the game and would be visible to all the participants.
12.Participants could also view the growth of company from the period when the game started in form of graphs which would help them decide which company’s share to buy.
13.Participants will be provided with the new statistics and can plan accordingly
14.The participant with highest balance at the end of the game will be the winner of VSM.
15.The final balance of each participant would be calculated by summing the price value of all the shares the participant owns and the money(amount) that he has.

1.Every participant is allowed to play the game with single login identity. Participants found playing the game with multiple logins would be disqualified.
2.Participants can not buy more than a particular amount of shares of a particular company which would be fixed by the game developer team and would be conveyed to all the participants at start of the game.
3.The decisions taken by the organisers would be final and binding.
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