Christmas Special Social Drive

This year, as Technovanza falls on the eve of Christmas, i.e. on 25th December, for the first time in the history of Technovanza, we've organised a 'Christmas Special Social Drive', on all three days, i.e. 23rd to 25th December, in association with Child Rights and You (CRY). We wish to celebrate Christmas in the real essence by celebrating the 'Joy of giving'!

Presenting some of such drives conducted by CRY across India.

Right to School- Ensure that 2,71,341 children in 2831 schools across CRY intervention areas get the school they deserve.

Q3 Campaign (A message from CRY)

Child education in India faces challenges at many levels. The most integral being the lack of infrastructure and basic amenities like toilets, clean drinking water, separate classrooms, boundary walls etc. These issues not only lead to children skipping their classes but also eventually dropping out of school, not realising that they have lost out on the opportunity to a future filled with possibilities and hope.

Through our current campaign Right to School, our endeavour would be to ensure that schools have the basic parameters in place and therefore create a healthy learning environment for children. By donating to CRY, you can help us continue our work with communities, education authorities and the government to make these schools functional schools – ensure that 2,71,341 children in 2831 schools across CRY intervention areas do not drop out of school and can complete their education. And children get the school they deserve.

CRY plans to hold a 'brick and book' programme in their stall. In this, they wish to call people to engage them in an activity where they would asked to paint a brick such that it looks like a book. Their aim is to eradicate child labour. Hence, they wish to see a 'book' in a child's hand rather than a brick. This activity has been receiving a huge positive response for donations at many of CRY's events and hence, they wish to replicate it at Technovanza.

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